Yoga Photograms

In all likelihood, you’ve never thought of yoga as an art form. Probably because the only time you ever think about yoga, you’re doing it, and are more focused on forcing your hamstrings into a Downward Dog. But husband-and-wife duo Rob and Nick Carter tend to view everything around them through the prism of art—hence they have exhibited in the Hague, the V&A, and became the first living artists to show a work in New York’s Frick Museum. For their latest offering, Yoga Photograms (on show at RN at 5A, their newly-launched space in Paddington), they are have created a series of life-sized images depicting traditional sanskrit yoga poses. Typically, these pictures were produced using an unconventional method: no camera was present. Instead, figures were placed onto light-sensitive surfaces in a dark room. The result is a collection of negative shadow images which, hazy and ethereal, remove yoga from the domain of twingeing hamstrings, and take it right back to its more mystical roots.

Yoga Photograms; RN at 5A, 5A Bathurst Street, London W2 2SD

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