Watsu at Akasha

On the surface of it, Watsu massage can sound a bit terrifying. Not in a House of Horrors, stranger-on-a-dark-street kind of way—but for anyone with quintessentially British boundary issues it’s certainly rather more, er, intimate than you might be used to for a spa treatment. The principle is simple: you enter a private pool with your therapist, who will observe the natural movement of your body in water, massaging and stretching it as required, and leading it through a dance-like journey. Thankfully with Steve Karle, Akasha Spa’s Aquatic Bodywork Specialist, this is anything but as weird as it sounds. Head down to Hotel Café Royal on Regent Street and you will swiftly be whisked underground to the hotel’s underground spa and before you know it you will be floating away with gay abandon. Ninety minutes later you emerge (admittedly a little wrinkly) but surprisingly rejuvenated and calm.

Watsu Massage at Akasha Wellbeing, Hotel Café Royal, 68 Regent Street , London, W1B 4DY (0207 406 3360); @akashawellbeing; @hotelcaferoyal

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