It’s taken a while for ‘sustainable clothing’ to lose its connotations of badly dressed hippies in Aztec-print skirts. But things have come on leaps and bounds since then, as evidenced by Thought. Originally set up as a Australian beachwear brand in 1995, Thought is now based in London, and following a recent rebrand is offering fresh and fun pieces to wear as things warm up. Stocked in Fenwick as well as over 500 independent boutiques, this is perfect weekend wear as the months get warmer: Breton-striped tops and denim pinafores, floral culottes and white cotton dresses. The wool is from humanely reared animals, the cotton is organic and the Tencel and Rayon are crafted from sustainably sourced wood. Guilt-free shopping? Given the accessible price point, we reckon so.

Thought; @thoughtclothing

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