The Gardening Society at John Lewis

We know what you’re thinking: who wants to walk through a department store on their way to dinner? We hear you, but we promise this is well worth side-stepping tourists and last-minute shoppers for. For the second year running, John Lewis have turned the rooftop of their Oxford Street emporium into a food and drink hang-out called The Gardening Society. Given how over-crowded any roof-top space becomes the moment London receives a modicum of sunshine, the first thing you notice about the terrace is how spacious and green it feels. So, overjoyed to be in the sunshine without someone’s elbow in your back, we turn to the food and drink: with Fitzrovia’s much loved Foley’s restaurant taking over the kitchen and serving their Middle-Eastern take on the humble Mexican taco, your belly will soon be full of delicious octopus, crab, and pork belly, along with side plates of Korean BBQ burnt chicken ends and spiced sweet potato fritters. Background Bars are on duty serving up fresh and flavoursome cocktails, while The Gardener’s Arms brings the quintessential English pub up from the street corner. All in all, well worth the commute.

The Gardening Society, John Lewis, The Rooftop, 300 Oxford Street, London W1C 1DX (020 7629 7711); @foleysrestaurant; @johnlewisretail

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