The Convention

Given the political upheaval of the last 12 months (Brexit, Trump, Russian intervention), you might assume that the chambers of the Houses of Parliament are alight with impassioned debate and discussion, as our elected representatives tussle over the direction of the UK. You would be wrong. It’s this absence of thorough debate that The Convention on Brexit and the Political Crash has taken as its starting point. Established by Vanity Fair’s London editor Henry Porter, along with voices from openDemocracy, More United and the European Movement, over two days, a list of heavyweight speakers—including the likes of Nick Clegg, Ian McEwan, Bob Geldof and Helena Kennedy—will look to stage the debates that should be happening down the road. What does Brexit mean for Gibraltar, Ireland and Scotland? What of England, with its swelling nationalism? What will be left of the NHS when hard Brexit takes hold? Climate change, food production and fake news are also on the agenda, as too is the psychology of defeat. Most refreshingly, this won’t just be rehashing old territory: expect new solutions to how we go forward from where we are right now. Regardless of the way you voted last June, this is essential stuff.

The Convention (May 12 and 13), Central Hall Wesminster, Storey’s Gate, London SW1H 9NH; tickets are available here; @the_convention_

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