The A-List Interview: Raoul Peck

“If your analysis of whether the situation is better for black people today comes from looking at Beyoncé and P. Diddy, you understand nothing. But if you take the prison statistics, the housing statistics, the school statistics—then you say ‘Oh my God. Nothing has changed.’ The wealth—where is the wealth in this country? It’s worse, you know, than 50 years ago.” Raoul Peck has spent the past 30 years variously as a New York cab driver, a documentarian in Germany, and as the Minister for Culture in the Haitian government—and he is as outspoken as one would expect him to be. Peck’s most recent documentary, an examination of the life and work of the Civil Rights-era essayist and social commentator James Baldwin, entitled I Am Not Your Negro, was nominated for Best Documentary Feature at the Oscars. Like Peck, it doesn’t pull many punches.

Read the full interview here.

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