The A-List Interview: Jonathan Teplitzky

“Being Australian, I didn’t grow up with a British point of view of Churchill, which was of this great man who saved Britain from the Nazis. In many ways you learn about Churchill in Australia as that—because obviously there’s the great connection between our two countries culturally—but you also have this flip side, which is that he was one of the great architects of Gallipoli … the man who basically used Australians as cannon fodder.”

So says Jonathan Teplitzky, director of the groundbreaking new film Churchill, which opens in cinemas today. His film shows a side of the titan of British politics in a way few, if any, have tried to do, namely by dramatizing the demons he faced in the run-up to D-Day as he fought alcoholism, depression, and infirmity. Teplitzky explores how, following the disastrous Gallipoli landings of 1915 and the massive loss of ANZAC life, Churchill grew suspicious of the plans for the Normandy landings, and tried to cancel Operation Overlord mere days before that fateful June 6.

Read the full interview here.

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