Rodin: The Birth of Modern Sculpture

Fewer artists have had as great an impact on 20th-century sculpture as Auguste Rodin. The Thinker, The Kiss, the Monument to Balzac—all are as iconic as they are influential. So for Bowman Sculpture to name their upcoming exhibition of the artist’s work The Birth of Modern Sculpture is not an understatement. Coinciding with the centenary Rodin’s death, the exhibition will “underline the great master’s enduring sculptural legacy” with works ranging from a maquette for the contorted, tortured Burghers of Calais, to Fugit Amor, inspired by Dante’s Inferno, to the sculptor’s later works inspired by the dynamism of dancing figures. A rare opportunity to see so many of Rodin’s works collected together, this is an all but essential exhibition for sculpture lovers.

Rodin: The Birth of Modern Sculpture at Bowman Sculpture (June 7-July 27); @bowmansculpture

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