Ralph’s Breakfast

Since the advent of Instagram (October 6, 2010, in case you were wondering), there have been 66.2 million pictures tagged #breakfast on the sharing site. Even this number fails to capture all the avocado toasts posted in remiss sans tag, all of which points to one inescapable truth: we love a good breakfast (even if, for the millennials among us, it’s the clear reason we can’t get on the property ladder). For one of the finest new offerings in town, visit Ralph’s on Regent Street, which now opens at 8am. Highlights include a mixed berry chia pudding, a country waffle sandwich (with bacon, fried egg, cheese and maple syrup) and lobster eggs Benedict.

Ralph’s Coffee & Bar, 173 Regent Street, London W1B 4JQ (020 7113 7450); @ralphlauren

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