Old Futures: Erik Madigan Heck

Florals, 2012 (Mary Katrantzou)

Erik Madigan Heck communicates in a visual language that is totally his own. Whether he is photographing the hazy reds and greens of a wild Scottish moor, or shooting a model in a studio with a precision so acute that the images appear vividly hyper-real, his work is instantly recognizable, characterized by its sharp, unusual composition, and unique use of colour. Heavily influenced by painting, Heck’s work is opulent and other-worldly, and explores the intersections between fashion, painting and portraiture. His new book, Old Future, is crammed with 100 pictures he has produced for titles such as The New York Times Magazine, The New Yorker, and Harper’s Bazaar UK. “My work is a hybrid and collision between the past and the present,” he says in an interview at the back of the book. “It will always be changing because my subject will always be different.”


Dries Van Noten, 2013 (Nomenus Quarterly 10)


The Gardens of Ninfa, 2014 (Porter Magazine)


Drôle D’Oiseau, 2014 (Número Magazine)


Junya Watanabe, 2015 (New York Magazine)


Surreal Planes, 2011 (Mary Katrantzou)


Guinevere Van Seenus, 2014 (Out of Order Magazine)

Old Future by Erik Madigan Heck (Thames & Hudson)

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Credits: Erik Madigan Heck

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