Natura Bissé: The Mindful Touch

You’ve probably been told by people already that VR (that’s Virtual Reality to the truly uninitiated) is the future, but one place we didn’t expect it to show up was in a place of detox and relaxation. And yet, initial scepticism aside, the new Mindful Touch facial from Spanish beauty brand Natura Bissé is the perfect showcase of how beauty and technology can work seamlessly together. First launched at the Oscars in February, the idea is to bring mindfulness and calm into the treatment room. When you arrive for your treatment, you’ll change into a robe before entering an inflated bubble tent that contains 99.95 per cent pure air. Once inside, you pop on a headset that plays an immersive, virtual reality audio-video that helps you focus on your breathing and body sensations: once the film is complete, you whip off the headset and the facial treatment begins, with the audio continuing to play to help with the mindfulness.

Natura Bissé: The Mindful Touch, The Sanderson, 50 Berners Street, London W1T 3NG (020 7300 1400); @naturabisse

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