Manifesto by Fashion and Cinema

Inhabiting just one character at a time with absolute conviction is challenge enough for most actors, but in Manifesto Cate Blanchett manages 13 in the space of one feature. The film began life as an art installation by Julian Rosefeldt, where 13 screens simultaneously played the reading of 13 different manifestos by the likes of André Breton and Sol LeWitt. The film sees them running in sequence, with Blanchett not only speaking the words, but inhabiting a finely-crafted character in each instance, whether it’s a homeless man, a news anchor or a school teacher. The task of transforming her physical appearance fell upon costume designer Bina Daigeler and make-up artist Morag Ross. Next week, Daigeler joins Telegraph critic Tim Robey for a Fashion and Cinema screening of the film, followed by a conversation about her work. Tickets are available here.

Manifesto (22 November), Picture House Central, Piccadilly, London W1D 7DH (0871 902 5739); @fashionandcinema

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