LUX* Grand Gaube

Is it possible to write a story about Mauritius without calling to mind Mark Twain’s famous remark after visiting in 1896? “Mauritius was made first and then heaven; and heaven was copied after Mauritius,” he reportedly said. Sitting some 2,300 kilometres off the coast of Mozambique, Mauritius sees more than 100,000 British visitors each year and with a quick Google image search, you’ll see why. In December, LUX* will unveil their newly renovated property, Grand Gaube. Set in shallow lagoon waters with fisherman’s boats passing by with their catch, the property has been designed by Mauritian architect Jean-François Adam and British designer Kelly Hoppen. Expect to be surrounded by greenery, water and the refreshing aromas of the property’s very own coffee blend. Our favourite feature? The Rum Treehouse, where a tug of a cabana-style rope will summon your bartender bearing something from their collection of 88 varieties of rum.

LUX* Grand Gaube; @luxgrandgaube

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