We live in a world where extravagant purchases and equally extravagant charitable donations can not only co-exist, but go hand-in-hand. Livoos, a lifestyle company that donates 50 percent of their revenue to charitable causes, are making the process more streamlined than ever. Customers go online, select their purchases and then choose a cause nominated by their brand, or suggest their own. Livoos then makes the donation on their behalf once the return period has cleared. With a few big brands on board—Annoushka, Backes & Strauss and Bremont are among those leading the charge, and a collaborations with Salvatore Ferragamo will follow—this is sustainable business 2.0. The site will also play host to an exclusive ready-to-wear collection from Mr Fish, the cult 60s and 70s brand named after Michael Fish, the tailor who created cocktail cuffs for Sean Connery’s James Bond debut, designed dresses for Bowie and Jagger, and came up with Muhammad Ali’s famous 1974 “Rumble in the Jungle” robe. With an army of impressive partners from the world of luxury, this is definitely one to keep on your radar.

Livoos; @livoos

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