Hai Cenato

It might be sandwiched between the grandeur of Buckingham Palace and the polished tranquillity of Chelsea, but Victoria has never quite managed to shed its reputation as a smog-choked point of transit, populated by a sullen throng of coffee-wielding commuters. The fortunes of this ill-fated precinct might, however, be about to change. Jason and Irha Atherton, of Michelin-starred Social Eating House, have chosen to open Hai Cenato, their all-day Italian eatery, right slap in the middle of Victoria. Translating from Italian, literally, as “Have you had dinner?”, the ground floor of the restaurant will serve classic plates of pasta, risotto, and pizzas cooked in two large hand-crafted ovens imported from Naples, and will have a takeaway counter tucked in one corner, offering breakfast and take-out lunches. Upstairs a cocktail bar, perhaps tellingly named The Drunken Oyster, will serve a selection of Italian-inspired cocktails mixed with English ingredients. Designed to echo the interior of a vintage train, from now on, getting off the Tube in Victoria will involve a simple hop from one carriage to another.

Hai Cenato, 2 Sir Simon Milton Square, London, SW1E 5DJ (020 3816 9320); @haicenato

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