“I consider this piece in three parts,” explains Cyril de Commarque of his new installation, Fluxland, a mirrored boat roaming the river as part of the Totally Thames festival. “One part is the monumental structure. The second part is the relation to the public and the city…and the third part is the conversations we are creating on the boat.” As far as projects go, it’s an ambitious set of objectives to try to meet in one go, but Commarque pulls it off. A space for discussion and debate, the 25-ft former freight boat is topped by mirrored polyhedron sculpture; in Ancient Greece the shape was considered to promote artistic and philosophical contemplation. As well as the boat’s sheer presence as a mirror of the city and its inhabitants, the artist is also installing sounds he recorded at refugee camps in Syria and Turkey, as well at protests in Paris and London. “The sound work which is outside the boat you can hear form the bank, but the one that is inside of the boat is a more subtle, very delicate, like a bird in the cage,” he explains. Guests will be able to go in in small groups to take it in, or attend one of the discussions on board.

Fluxland (until September 30), Imperial Wharf Marina, SW6 2ZT; Totally Thames; @cyrildecommarque

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