FloatFit Yoga

What is it about a swimming pool that makes things feel more fun? Perhaps it’s the memories of family holidays and sunny days, or the sense of weightless abandon you get when you’re immersed up to your neck. For the discerning yoga and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) aficionado, FloatFit’s workouts in the subterranean pool at the Haymarket Hotel are the perfect way to introduce some variation to your workout. Taking place on Saturday mornings, the sessions use a specially developed AquaBase. Nice and sturdy, it provides an extra challenge in balance and strength departments. (Be warned: if you take the HIIT class, they will have you doing burpees in water.) Once you’ve completed the session, you can head up to Brumus restaurant for a recovery brunch of avocado on rye, sweetcorn chilli fritters, and freshly baked waffles.

FloatFit Yoga and HIIT at Haymarket Hotel x AquaPhysical, 1 Suffolk Place, London SW1Y 4HX (020 7470 4000); @aquaphysical

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