Dr Russo Sun Protective Skincare

Dr Russo’s clinic has everything you’d expect from a top-notch medi-spa: from the moment you enter, the atmosphere is serene and calm, but the white coats speak to the clinic’s reassuringly medical credentials. With a reputation for mastering the “cure” aspect of anti-ageing treatment, Dr Luca Russo has now turned his hand to the prevention end of the spectrum, developing a pioneering skincare collection framed around sun protection. If you pop in for a session with the great Dr Russo, he will wow you with all the data on just how much damage the sun does to your skin, and how little protection most sun screens provide. Building up layers of protection is central to his philosophy, so everything from the cleanser to moisturiser are designed to provide sun protection (the wash-on SPF works on your skin the way shampoo and conditioner do on your hair). Now available in Selfridges and Space NK, the clinic has three facilities: one in a discreet Harley Street walk-up, another in Canary Wharf and the final in London’s Four Seasons Hotel.

Dr Russo, 102 Harley Street, London W1G 7JB (0800 0096 596)

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