Dr Frances Prenna Jones at Selfridges

The morning after the night before is more frequently associated with headaches, nausea and tiredness than a refreshing beauty ritual, but Dr Frances Prenna Jones might be about to change that. Her twin skin treatment programme, available in Selfridges Beauty Workshop in the run up to Christmas, is designed to take care of you both sides of the party: giving good glow beforehand and restoring it after a heavy night. “Who’s got time for that?” I hear you say. Well, Dr Jones and her army of Skin Cadets (what she calls her expert trainees) only require 15 minutes before and 15 after to whip you into shape. Expect a cleanse, laser and light therapies, a light peel (if required), an infusion of vitamins or microdermabrasion, and finally a face mask. In essence, it’s hyper-efficient—which in the run-up to Christmas, is surely the top of everyone’s list.

The Night Before and the Morning After: Duo Skin Treatment by Dr Frances Prenna Jones (December 14-24, 2016; January 23-30, 2017); Selfridges Beauty Workshop, 400 Oxford St, Marylebone, London W1A 1AB (020 7318 3647); @drfrancesprennajones

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