Cindy Sherman & David Salle: History Portraits & Tapestry Paintings

In order to inaugurate their new gallery space in London’s historic St. James’s district, Skarstedt Gallery have brought together two titans of late twentieth century American art. In a show that’s heaving with postmodernist pastiche, the gallery has united Cindy Sherman’s History Portraits (made between 1988-1990) and David Salle’s Tapestry Paintings (1989-1991), in what’s sure to be a captivating showcase of their new 5,000 square-foot space designed by Thomas Croft Architects. At first glance Salle’s paintings mimic sixteenth and seventeenth century Dutch and Italian portraiture in scale and style, but make sure you go in for a closer inspection, as there’s actually a collision of different styles that takes it from the realms of imitation to something more intriguing altogether. Sherman’s series of photographic portraits see her work simultaneously as model and creator in her paintings, poking fun at noble historical works with her timely subversion of the role women played in such art.

Cindy Sherman & David Salle: History Portraits & Tapestry Paintings (October 1 – November 26); Skarstedt, 8 Bennet Street, London SW1A 1RP (020 7499 5200); @skarstedtgallery

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