Adler Dazzling Jazz

As each decade slips into our rearview mirror, so too comes the reappraisal of the fashion trends we loved and lost. At first this tends to be awkward—does anyone have good memories of their attempts at working the Sienna Miller boho era of the mid-Noughties?—but as the years roll on we tend to feel more celebratory and forgiving, with only the highlights left standing. For the 1920s, which is now nearly a century ago, the reappraisal has been thorough, and after all the whittling what we’ve been left with is the enduring image of the Roaring Twenties. It’s this era, and the jazz music that emerged as its musical counterpart, which has served as the inspiration for Adler’s new Dazzling Jazz necklace. With its hint of retro glamour, the necklace has been designed so the tanzanite centre piece can be removed and worn on a belt, too. Definitely one for the Christmas wish list.

Adler, 13 New Bond Street, London W1S 3SX (0207 409 2237); @adler_joailliers

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