A Book and a Bottle

If you like the idea of the crossover space in contemporary culture that Damian Barr inhabits—that is, literature and drinks (and by the looks of the numbers who quaff wine at book clubs all over the country, many do) you’ll love his latest wheeze, following on from his popular Literary Salon. It’s all about pairing good books with good wines. And why not? We make a big fuss about pairing food with wine; if you’ve ever been at all swayed by the idea of synaesthesia, you’ll agree it makes perfect sense that the one should enhance the other. Called A Book and a Bottle, it’s anchored around two live events: one on June 20th and another at the Cheltenham Literary Festival in October. In addition, each month there will be a podcast and a blog post on the Book and a Bottle website, plus a book and wine pairing released on social media. Well worth checking out: Mr Barr is one to trust in these things.

A Book and a Bottle; @damianbarrliterarysalon

Image: Frank Sinatra and Grace Kelly in High Society, 1956. Credit: AF archive/Alamy Stock Photo

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